SapPrtg SAP Sensors for Paessler PRTG
Within SAP varied and additional information about ABAP-as well as to Java-supported systems is offered with the help of the tool "SapControl".
On this occasion, other expiry data are also available beside the opposed Alerts. Also these are taken up by means of the sensor and can be applied directly in the involved monitoring. By means of searching functions and filter functions as well as the specific processing the required information to the need is adapted. About the Profiler the sensors can be arranged clear.
The enhaltenen data from the SapControl can be indicated about the Profiler interactively.
All orders supported by SapControl can be transferred in a sensor. After his definition he is available to the involved monitoring. In the monitoring itself suitable reactions are deposited with divergences. - Workprozesse, Systemlog
- SnapDumps, Alerts, Traces
- Enqueues, Sperrtabellen
- Java: Prozesse, Threads, Caches
- ICM: Threads, Connections, Proxi
- usw.

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