SapPrtg SAP Sensors for Paessler PRTG
The sensors shown here are independent programs on a C basis. These automatically establish the connection to the desired SAP system (local or remote).

The SAP systems are accessed using the RFC (Remote Function Call), SapControl or ODBC method and do not require any intervention in the SAP system itself. Valid access rights and the access data, i.e. user ID and password, are required for access

The working of the SAP-Sensors:
With the sensors, the specified profile for SAP access is first read out and the connection to the SAP system involved is opened. Using the information xUser identificationx, xpasswordx and possibly xMandantx, the user logs on to SAP. After successful registration, the desired function is carried out in SAP. This result is evaluated by the sensor and transferred to the monitoring involved.
The information provided is taken up and collected in the monitoring system involved. These can then be graphically prepared and displayed. If a value deviates from the target state, all options for monitoring or notification are available to the administrator.

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