SapPrtg SAP Sensors for Paessler PRTG
You can download the sensors by the Profiler. The sensors "SAP System-Information" und "SAP System-Check" have no functional limitations. For the other sensors you need a license.
Request the Starterpack (Evaluation-Package) directly by Mail
You could request the StarterPack, containing the SAP-Profiler and two free sensors, directly via mail. With the SAP-Profiler you are able to generate a profile and verify the access to SAP.
The StarterPack is to put into the PRTG-Directory "...\ExeXml". The two containing sensors are completely functionally and need no further licensing.

The Starter-Package also contains the Manual QuickStart.Pdf a an Evaluation-Key for the additional sensors which is valid for 30 days.

Additional Sensors can loaded via the Profiler or from the Download-Center. The available sensors are listed in the Profiler and can directly loaded and updated via the Profiler.
> SAP Basic(s)
> SAP Monitoring
> SAP Workload
> SAP DataBases
Sensors Operatingsystem
Sensors for Monitoring
Sensors Workload/Buffers
Sensors for DataBases
(The additionally sensors are fully functionally, however at missing license there are no data transferred to PRTG)

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