SapEyes Active Dashboard for SAP System's
The Sensors are realized by small C-programs. This sensors build a RFC-connection to the SAP-Systems.
Implementation of the sensors to the Active Dashboard is done by the SAP-Profiler. With the Profiler you are able to define a testing interactively the sensors. Additionally you can define new sensors from the ranges "SAP CCMS Monitoring" and via the "User-Interface".

Additionally Sensors could be reloaded at any time. The Profiler offers the new sensors or you download them from the Download-Center directly.

The EvaluationPack, the file "SapEyes.Zip" has to be stored within a new directory. There are two sensors (Info, Check) containing which could be used by the Profiler.
Additional sensors could be downloaded directly by the Profiler. The available listing is supported by the profiler itself.
(The additionally sensors are fully functionally, however at missing license they could not be used by the dashboard)

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