Snmp/x Snmp-Sensors for active Monitoring
By the Snmp sensors it concerns absolutely independent modules on C base. On this occasion, the sensor under use of a profile (profiles) appeals to any system by means of Snmp and explains the given query.

The access to the Snmp systems occurs by means of TCP/IP and requires no intervention in the involved system itself. On this occasion, the information can be grouped and generated own sensors. Simply put together your queries for the Snmp supervision individually by your need. About the contained Profiler the information to be supervised can be already indicated to begin with.

The Snmp sensors can be used regardless of your carrier system. Following systems are actual supported:
Paessler's PRTG
You have access to all information of the involved device and can incorporate this elegantly in your supervision. Put together the required information yourselves.
Solarwinds ORION
Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold
Eyes for Snmp-Sensors

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