Snmp/x Snmp-Sensors for active Monitoring
By means of the Snmp-Profilers the access data are grasped to a Snmp system and are provided for the implementation of the sensors. Besides, overviews are also offered to the already provided profiles.

For the access to a Snmp system are required beside the IP name also the Community number. For the Snmp themselves will award an alias name as well as a short description. Besides, let themselves by means of the Profilers to the single ones one and issue groups of speaking names to the better identification to assign.

To the examination of the access to the Snmp system are available:
It is released only one "Ping" on the involved system
The general system information is requested
It is evaluated the Snmp access and his response times
By means of the Snmp-Profilers the results of the sensor are already available before his planning to the involved monitoring system.
In the Trace all access information can be understood

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