SPS/x SPS Sensors for active Monitoring
By the SPS sensors it concerns absolutely independent modules on C base. On this occasion, the sensor under use of a profile (profiles) appeals to a Simatic S7 SPS system and explains the given query.
You have access to the expiry data of your available SPS'en (Input, Output, Merker, DB's, Timer, Counter) and can incorporate this elegantly in your supervision. Therefore no separate programming of the SPS-Station required.
Base Sensors
Two basic-sensors for your first SPS-supervision
SPS Basics
More than 30 predefined sensors for immediate application
Selections the respective Statuse and opposed values
Indicate to the SPS configuration as well as the structures
Show the
The SPS sensors can be used regardless of carrier systems, possibly Paessler's PRTG, Solarwinds ORION or WhatsUp Gold.

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