SPS/x SPS Sensors for active Monitoring
By the sensors indicated here it concerns independent programmes on C base. These build up independently the connection with the desired SPS system about TCP/IP. The sensors can be integrated in existing monitoring system.

The access to the SPS systems occurs by means of the S7 protocol of the SIMATIC series and requires no intervention in the SPS system itself. On this occasion, the respective states of the assemblies are selected and supplied to the monitoring system, here PRTG by Paessler.

The approach of the SPS sensors:
By the sensors the given profile is selected as the first for the SPS access and the connection with the involved SPS module is opened by means of the S7 protocol. Under the use of the IP address, the Rack and slot number the accompanying module is demanded. Can be selected, on this occasion, all working conditions (Input, Output, Merker, DB's, Timer, Counter). The result is evaluated by the sensor, is processed and the won knowledge is handed over to the involved monitoring.
In the monitoring itself the delivered information is taken up and collected. Then these are processed graphically and shown. Then with divergences of a value of the target state all possibilities given by the monitoring for the notification or notification are available for the administrator.

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