SapGold SAP Monitors for Ipswitch WhatsUp
You can download the sensors by the Profiler. The sensors "SAP SysInfo" und "SAP SysCheck" are included and for free. For the other sensors you need a license.

You could request the StarterPack, containing the SAP-Profiler and two sensors, directly via mail. With the SAP-Profiler you are able to generate a profile and verify the access to SAP.

Request the Starterpack (Evaluation-Package) directly by Mail
The StarterPack is to put into an own directory, for example "C:\SapGold". The sensors SysInfo and SysCheck are already included.

The Starter-Package also contains the Manual QuickStart.Pdf a an Evaluation-Key for the additional sensors which is valid for 30 days.

Additional Sensors can loaded via the Profiler or from the Download-Centre. The available sensors are listed in the Profiler and can directly loaded and updated via the Profiler.
> SAP Basic(s)
> SAP Monitoring
> SAP Workload
> SAP DataBases
Sensors Operatingsystem
Sensors for Monitoring
Sensors Workload/Buffers
Sensors for DataBases
(The additionally sensors are fully functionally, however at missing license there are no data transferred to WhatsUp)

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