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The available sensors are divided by small Modules. The Profiler for the interactive testing of the sensors is part of the packages. Additionally a SmartPackage is available for the first supervision of the SAP systems.

For the full functionality of all sensors you need a license. The license is once required and is valid for all available sensors. Further licensing of future sensors is not required. You can them download for free from this sites.

Time limited License for evaluation purpose only
SapGold-Sensors / Evaluation
Usage of all sensors within the same company
Onetimes Euro 1.000,--
(without VAT)
Usage of all sensors within the same company-group
Onetimes Euro 3.000,--
(without VAT)
With the usage of a valid license you can apply the sensors as often as you need (unlimited SAP-Instances) within the same company (Company-License, one location) or the same company-group (Group-License, more locations). This also includes the future sensors developed by the ICON Software GmbH. No further license-costs are then required. Not usable for external Client-Systems. The Support occurs about the Forum. Other licence models, tips and informations are found under Support/Forum.

SapGold-Sensors / Offer

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