SapGold SAP Monitors for Ipswitch WhatsUp
The sensors are continually improved. The actual list of sensors is supported and visible by the Profiler and you can update and reload them.

The sensors need the rights to access to SAP to call information's from SAP. This information's are read by RFC-modules, prepared and made usable by WhatsUp-Monitoring. Via WhatsUp you can use this data and connect it with actions, for example sending a mail. For the usage of sensors you need:

> Put the sensors (Starter-Pack) into a separate directory, for example "C:\SapGold"
> For the usage the file "LibRfc32.Dll" from the SAP-Gui or SAP-Installation is required
> For usage with SAP you need a profile, generated with "SAP Profiler.Exe"

The profile contains necessary information about SAP-Access. You need valid login-data (Username, Password, Client) and the rights to use basis-functions from SAP.

With the Profiler you can call interactively the information's from SAP. You see the resulting directly without implemented the sensor to WhatsUp-Monitoring.

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