SapGold SAP Monitors for Ipswitch WhatsUp
By means of the free sensor "SAP SysInfo" a check on the availability of the involved SAP system occurs. This sensor is a part of the "FreePackages". Beside the availability the topical answer times are expelled and can be taped therefore in the WhatsUp and evaluate. With divergences of the situation a notification orders itself by means of WhatsUp. And the best in it: For this sensor you not even need a valid SAP-user call sign!
The sensor "SAP SysCheck" which is also a part of the "FreePackages" expels the topical use and extent of utilisation of the involved SAP system. Moreover the sensor about a user call sign announces itself with SAP and selects the topical load. Beside the number of the topically announced users the number of the involved terminals and Sessions is also indicated. By means of these data a complete recording of SAP activities orders itself in the WhatsUp.
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