SapOrion SAP Monitors for SolarWinds Orion
Via the SAP-Profiler the data for access to SAP are collected and prepared for the sensor. Additionally overviews are supported.

For the access to SAP you need the system name and the instance. The login-data, as username, password and client number are also needed. For remote systems you can use a SAP-Router-String.

For verifying the access to SAP following functions are supported:
Release a "Ping" to the attached system
With the actual Profiler the resulting data are interactive shown before integrating to Orion.

Upgrading an loading new sensors are supported directly by the actual Profiler.

You have immediately access to the actual and newest sensors !!!

Reading of general information's about SAP-System
Verify the login to SAP (username, password)
Viewing the tracefile in case of error

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