SapOrion SAP Monitors for SolarWinds Orion
The ABAP-based SAP system is addressed using the RFC (Remote Function Call) method. This is a protocol based on CPI-C. In addition to the instance, the client ID is also required for access.

The login itself takes place via SAP and requires the appropriate authorizations in order to be able to read out the values. For this purpose, a larger number of sensors submitted from practice are available including Workload and DataBases.
In addition to the sensors that are already available, you can redefine your own, i.e. user-defined sensors. In addition, the area "SAP CCMS Monitoring", ie the transaction RZ20 is accessed graphically. The desired information is selected interactively and a new sensor is defined. This new sensor can then be easily integrated into the existing monitoring.
Overview of the available sensors:
SapRfc Sensors

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