SapOrion SAP Monitors for SolarWinds Orion
The Sensors are realized by small C-programs. This sensors build a RFC-connection to the SAP-Systems. The sensors are to be declared by Orion under "Windows VbScripts". The used scripts are running directly on the Orion-Server itself, not on the SAP-Server. The scripts as the sensors operates independently from the used operating-system by the SAP-System.

The access to SAP works with RFC (Remote Function Call) and need no intervention to SAP nor the SAP-Server. You can acces local as remote SAP-Systems. Valid rights to access to SAP (Username, Password) are required.

The working of the SAP-Sensors:
First the sensor reads the given profile and then it opens a connection to SAP via RFC-Call. With the Username and Password it takes a login to SAP. Then the required function will be executed. The resulting will be analysed and transferred to Orion.
The Orion-System collects the data. Via Orion the data could be shown graphically. If the data differs from the actual working you will be informed via mail or SMS.

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